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Special Enrollment

When life changes, it's important to keep your health coverage up to date. Did you miss this year's enrollment period? You may qualify for a Special Enrollment Period. Call your broker or call Health Net at 1-877-527-8412.

Examples of qualifying events:

Losing other health coverage: Your health coverage status can change when you or someone in your family leaves a job that provides minimum essential health coverage or if you lose health coverage provided by other programs (such as Medicare).

Changing your income: A change in your income might make you newly eligible or ineligible for tax credits and subsidies. 

Getting married or divorced: You may need to add or remove a spouse from your health coverage when your marital or domestic partnership status changes. (Only a current spouse or domestic partner can be claimed as a dependent.)

Adding or removing children as dependents: If you have or adopt a child, make sure your new dependent is included in your health plan. Children already on your plan must be under 26 years old. (The law allows dependent children to be covered by their parents’ health coverage until the age of 26. After that, they need their own health coverage.)

Know you qualify? Shop for a 2019 or 2020 plan here

*Please note that you must select the year “2019” from the drop down menu in the right corner of the page in order to shop for 2019 plans. If you are shopping for 2020 plans, you must select “2020” from the drop down menu.